Spring has sprung here in Nashville, and I’m loving it! So many trees and flowers have bloomed and turned the whole world green– with a tinge of yellow from all that pollen! I bought some seeds to plant in front of my house, and waited and waited for the landscape company to come put mulch in our beds. The HOA takes care of all that stuff. I just didn’t want to plant seeds, have tender sprouts come up, and then the seedlings be crushed by mulch. So I waited, and they finally mulched this week. I planted some morning glories, which had already sprouted in a bowl of water, so I’m hoping they’ll do well. I put zinnias in the front of the bed, and some coneflowers in the middle, close to the birdfeeders. There are big trees at the edge of my neighborhood, but I don’t know how many birds will venture over to my feeders. I do see mockingbirds but they won’t come to the feeders. I’m hoping I can at least attract a cardinal or two, and maybe the coneflowers will draw the finches.

Here’s a blurry picture of my front yard “before.”

I also put some annuals in pots on my back patio. They’ll get a ton of sunshine back there. I went with petunias, the old reliable, in a variety of colors, and also got a pink geranium. And I’m very excited about my Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes. I wonder if I’ll be fighting the birds for those!

And finally, I snagged this crape myrtle for $15 at a shrub sale last weekend. My grand plan was/is to have a red crape myrtle in the corner of my back “yard” once I get a fence back there. This one is pretty small, but hopefully it will grow fast. The tentative plan is to put up the fence in June, so hopefully it will be happy in the pot (with lots of sunshine and daily watering) until then.


3 responses to “Spring

  1. Yay, you finally got your crape myrtle! Your yard is going to be lovely.

  2. That’s what SHE said! That’s what SHE said!

    Seriously, ahem…your outdoorsiness looks great.

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