I was out of town for the Great Flood so I missed all of the excitement. I got home on Monday expecting my tomato plant to be pounded to a pulp, but I was pleasantly surprised.

It even has a few blooms on it!

I was also amazed to see that the crape myrtle was still standing. I had the pot sitting in the old flower bed but the wind kept blowing it over so I propped it up against the house. I thought surely the torrential rains would’ve knocked it over, but I was wrong.

Before I left on my trip there were only a couple of zinnia seedlings coming up where I planted all of my seeds. Unfortunately it looks like they’ll be the only ones. I planted the zinnias in a row across the front but it’ll just be this one little clump, and no coneflowers or morning glories. I’ll be searching for replacements this weekend.


2 responses to “Survivors

  1. Nice sharp pictures. Lucky plants! Was that concrete thing broken before?

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