Another Attempt

I mentioned before that only a few of my zinnia seeds sprouted, and none of the morning glories or coneflowers. I think maybe I shouldn’t have put the mulch over them until they came up. Oh well.

Now I’m trying bedding plants instead. I got some dark pink vincas and planted them in a row in front of where the zinnias should be:

What, you can’t see them?

How about now?

They’ve been in the ground for about three days, and I keep checking to see if they’ve doubled in size yet. (not yet.) I gave them a little water with Miracle Gro when I planted them, but we’re on water restriction here in Nashville so I haven’t watered them anymore. I think it’s going to rain in the next day or two though. And I bent the rules and watered my tomato and petunias today because they were looking wilted. In my defense I haven’t washed clothes or dishes all week!!

Oh yeah. Flowers. I also got these little gems which I’ve never had before. They’re called Million Bells, or calibrachoa. Sort of like tiny petunias.

They’re supposed to tolerate drought well. I got creative and put them in these pots IN the bed. Don’t ask me why.

Dark pink.

Apricot (my favorite).

A cat.


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