Baptism Dress

Baby Athena was born February 28, 2012. Before she was born, her mother asked Jonathan and me to be her godparents. We were thrilled to be asked and joyfully accepted. At first I was looking at baptism dresses on I saw some that I really liked, but they were fairly pricey. Then I realized, I can make a dress!

Have I ever sewn clothes before? Nope. Well, there was the pair of fleece pajama pants I made one Christmas, but that hardly counts. I’ve never made a collar or set in sleeves. But I figured, it’s just a LITTLE dress.

I found a pattern and some great cotton fabric that already had a lacy pattern, so no lace embellishments would be needed.

Of course the picture on the pattern envelope shows the dress covered by a jacket, which I didn’t make.

It’s been quite a while since I got out my sewing machine, and did I mention it was only a little dress, and I figured it would be more of a pain than anything to try to make something so small on a machine that I have such little control over. I definitely need more practice. So for this dress, I decided to make it all by hand.

My MO is to procrastinate until the pressure is on and then get down to business. So while I had cut out the pattern pieces earlier on, I didn’t really get down to business until I had less than two weeks to go. But once I got started, I caught the sewing bug and was able to work on it almost every day.

There are two pieces, the dress itself and a separate slip. When I came to a part of the dress pattern I didn’t understand, I switched gears and worked on the slip instead. Here’s a photo of the hem being turned under:

And a couple more of the neckline of the slip:

And here is Teddy modeling the slip:

Luckily I have a coworker who has sewn a lot of children’s clothes, so I took my pattern in to work and had her help me figure out the troublesome instructions, and I dove back into sewing on the dress.



I guess I cheated because I used snaps instead of buttons.

The only part I wasn’t satisfied with was the way the collar didn’t meet in the back. But I matched the notches and turned under the placket at the fold lines, so I don’t know what went wrong.

I finished it just in time.

Baby Athena was baptized June 8, 2012.


2 responses to “Baptism Dress

  1. “for this dress, I decided to make it all by hand”…. YOU’RE FRIGGIN’ CRAZY! But seriously, it’s incredible. You did such a beautiful job. I hope you have tons of pictures with the sweet little girl wearing it. What a beautiful dress. You should be so proud!

  2. Wow! You did a beautiful job!

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