Got this from MDK. Very cool commercial, and the second video shows how it was made.


Pink and Green Diaper Cake

Several months ago I posted a picture of my first diaper cake. I think I still like that one best, although the one I made tonight turned out pretty cute as well.

I made another one last month, and I took several pictures throughout the process so that I could write a post with instructions for how to make it. Is anyone interested in a post with step-by-step directions? If so please let me know in the comments.


Spring has sprung here in Nashville, and I’m loving it! So many trees and flowers have bloomed and turned the whole world green– with a tinge of yellow from all that pollen! I bought some seeds to plant in front of my house, and waited and waited for the landscape company to come put mulch in our beds. The HOA takes care of all that stuff. I just didn’t want to plant seeds, have tender sprouts come up, and then the seedlings be crushed by mulch. So I waited, and they finally mulched this week. I planted some morning glories, which had already sprouted in a bowl of water, so I’m hoping they’ll do well. I put zinnias in the front of the bed, and some coneflowers in the middle, close to the birdfeeders. There are big trees at the edge of my neighborhood, but I don’t know how many birds will venture over to my feeders. I do see mockingbirds but they won’t come to the feeders. I’m hoping I can at least attract a cardinal or two, and maybe the coneflowers will draw the finches.

Here’s a blurry picture of my front yard “before.”

I also put some annuals in pots on my back patio. They’ll get a ton of sunshine back there. I went with petunias, the old reliable, in a variety of colors, and also got a pink geranium. And I’m very excited about my Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes. I wonder if I’ll be fighting the birds for those!

And finally, I snagged this crape myrtle for $15 at a shrub sale last weekend. My grand plan was/is to have a red crape myrtle in the corner of my back “yard” once I get a fence back there. This one is pretty small, but hopefully it will grow fast. The tentative plan is to put up the fence in June, so hopefully it will be happy in the pot (with lots of sunshine and daily watering) until then.

Coming Attractions

A couple months ago I bought a secondhand table to use as a sewing table in my guest bedroom. Yesterday I got it out and set it up… so I’m one step closer to having my sewing room ready. I didn’t get so far as to set up the sewing machine, but I plan to get to that soon! I have a few projects in mind that I want to work on. I think I have everything I need, so now I just have to get busy. Here’s something I bought today that I’ll be using in one of those projects.


Wow, I can’t believe it’s been two years since I posted on my craft blog. Time flies like an arrow. [fruit flies like a banana.]

The sad news is that I let my Photobucket account go dormant, so a lot of the photos on the old blog are no longer there. They’re still saved on my old laptop but it doesn’t seem worth the effort to add them back to the old posts. So from now on I’ll just stick to one blog– since it appears that I can barely keep up with this one.

So what have I been up to? Well, I’ve been doing a little knitting. Only a little though. Little stuff. Last year I gave a coworker some handmade dish cloths for her birthday, and she recently mentioned that she wanted some more and she would pay for them. I had about a dozen at home that I had already made so I took them in to work, and sold 10 of them to my coworkers. That was a nice bit of pocket change, and it motivated me to start making some more so that I’ll have some “in stock” next time someone asks about them. (And blog friends should feel free to request them too!)

Another handmade gift from last year was Katrina’s hat. Today she sent me a picture of her 20-month-old son wearing it, and it looks terrific on him!

Grey Garments

This was too good not to share. You only have to be familiar with Grey Gardens to enjoy it, although long-time readers of MDK will find many hidden jokes to make it even more hilarious.

I’m planning a blogging comeback soon. Real soon.

Just Another Day in Nashville

Yesterday* started out like any other weekday, but by the time I got home last night ** it had turned into a great reminder of why I moved to Nashville. See, one of my coworkers sits on the Board of Directors for Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, and we all love to support them when we can. Unbeknownst to me (I guess nonprofits don’t have ginormous advertising budgets?) there was a fundraiser concert called Stars for Second Harvest going on at the Ryman Auditorium that night. With the economy the way it is, fundraisers like these have really taken a hit, and ticket sales are down. The organizers didn’t want the performers to look out and see so many empty seats, since they had donated their time and all, so my coworker was able to secure some free tickets for us. She sent an email with the details, I skimmed it and saw Luke Bryan’s name and said, I’m there!

My friend Katrina is much more savvy about the Nashville Music Biz and she knew who the other guys were, names I didn’t recognize. And in retrospect, I’m a little embarrassed that I didn’t know who they were, but then again I don’t know how I would have known. But the important thing is that I know now, and I will never forget, and I am here to tell you about it!

So this was the program: Craig Wiseman & Friends present Stars for Second Harvest. The first hour was Craig Wiseman, Jeffrey Steele, and Tony Mullins sitting on stools with microphones and their guitars. Have you ever heard any song ever recorded by Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney, Phil Vassar, Montgomery Gentry, Tim McGraw, Rodney Atkins, Leann Rimes, or Brooks & Dunn, just to name a few? Then you have heard the songs written by these masters. It was so entertaining just to watch the three of them play and sing their own songs and each other’s songs. Even though we knew that there were some great artists waiting backstage, my friends and I agreed that we would have been happy just to listen to these three all night.

But there were others! First Joey & Rory came out and performed, in Rory’s words, their one hit. Then Heidi Newfield showed us what she can do with a harmonica. Impressive. Then Luke Bryan, the reason I was there, followed by a truly terrible (but philanthropic! he bought his own plane ticket and flew in from New York!) comedian, Gary Mule Deer. And finally Rodney Atkins wrapped up the show. Surprisingly he did not do “Fifteen Minutes.” But of course he did “Watching You.” I guess that’s his signature.

And that’s what it’s like living in Nashville! You just never know when you wake up in the morning if you might wind up at an awesome show at the Ryman that night!

And don’t worry, I made a donation to Second Harvest Food Bank the next day.

* not really yesterday, it was actually almost two weeks ago, I’m just really behind on my blogging

** also not really last night